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While we are a for-profit business, we nevertheless invest significant resources into research, professional writing, conference talks, white papers, and supporting international intern and student placement opportunities. As a self-regulated profession, Architects have an obligation to practice with the public interest in mind. At Thomson Architecture we consider it a professional responsibility to study and advise on policy that benefits the public interest through the built environment. To that end we have participated in numerous task forces, stakeholder advisory groups, regulatory bodies and symposia on a volunteer basis. If you appreciate or have benefitted from any of our research, articles, advice by telephone or email, open-source software developments or publicly available design concepts, we’d appreciate your support and to that end we’ve created this sliding scale patronage donation option.  (sorry it’s taxable as it counts in our revenue stream for an Ontario-based business).


You may add any multiple of the $10.00 amount by increasing the ‘quantity’ button 🙂 Thank you for your support! Andy & Team.


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