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CMHC ran an entire program of competitions and calls for small home designs that went out to Canadian Architects, from 1947 to the 1970’s, that resulted in ‘Pattern Books’ with hundreds of floor plans and sketch renderings, all numbered by year and model, complemented by complete sets of construction documents that were available to purchase from CMHC. We are offering a flat rate architectural fee to update any single model from these pattern book plans to current Ontario Building Code requirements with contemporary detailing and complementary Energy Analysis and 3D Rendered visualizations. You can select any plan from the Pattern Books series, links to the series available here or you can email us for a zipped archive. The flat rate for this design is a limited time offer as we are aiming to execute a handful of these designs to commemorate the 75-year anniversary of the first Pattern Book launch in 1947.  We aim to demonstrate that an affordable,  comfortable and well appointed home can be designed well under 1,000sf – which also results in optimal construction economy, thermal efficiency and a reduced environmental and carbon footprint. The resulting design package equates to our standard service package at the Silver Level, noted in our rates table.

Image Above: 1947 no. 57 plan view


To date we have completed plans for the following models:

  • CMHC 1947 no. 57 by Charles R. Worsely, OAA. Updated by Thomson Architecture, Inc. (AOR) with Enzyme APD (renderings)
  • CMHC 1969 no. 321 by Richard Y. Lee, OAA. Updated by Enzyme APD (Design & Renderings) with Thomson Architecture, Inc. (AOR)

With plans to update models:

  • CMHC 1947 no. 26
  • CMHC 1947 no. 31
  • CMHC 1947 no. 34
  • CMHC 1947 no. 38
  • CMHC 1947 no. 39
  • CMHC 1947 no. 42
  • CMHC West Coasters no. BC-5
  • CMHC West Coasters no. BC-9
  • CMHC West Coasters no. BC-11



    CMHC Pattern Book models from 1947 to 1957


    Silver Level Design Package
    (typically 2.9% of Construction Cost)

    Silver includes everything in our Bronze Package plus Construction Documents:
    • Interior Elevations
    • Electrical Plans
    • Reflected Ceiling Plans
    • 20 Detail Drawings
    • Door & Window Schedules
    • Thermal Energy Model
    • Basic 3D & BIMx VR Model

    Services required for localized OLS Survey (required), Structural Engineering Review, Mechanical Systems Design, CHBA Net Zero Certification, PHI Passive House Certification, Contract Administration and General Review (OBC) shall be priced separately.


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