2017.003 Moscow House

  • February 15, 2019
  • andyro

Thomson Architecture, Inc. worked as a consulting architect on this 46,000sf luxury residential compound under subcontract to TREA Building Systems Inc., TAI’s role was to facilitate BIM and BIMx modelling and structural systems coordination with Blackwell Structural and Timber Systems Limited in Toronto. The design development was managed by Trevor McIvor Architect/TREA with TAI as a subcontractor in Canada with the participation of TAMMVIS of Moscow, the local Architect of Record. This project consisted of 46,000sf of built area in a courtyard configuration, where 16 distinct modular sections of glue-laminated structural components that were pre-cut, pre-drilled, finished, packaged and shipped overseas for assembly. Interior design & renderings by TGStudio of London, UK.