2010.004 San Francisco Prototype Building

  • April 10, 2014
  • andyro

The City hired JWA to design a Prototype building to comply with their draft PDR (Production, Repair, Distribution) zoning; a new neighbourhood-scale mixed use class of zoning designed to permit live/work studio lofts for artists and artisans, complete with courtyards over parking levels and service bays at every grade-accessible suite, with interior staircases to upper levels of the same suites.  Courtyard building forms allow for ample air and daylight deep into the plan of the building, while multi-level parking occupies the lower level interior of the massing. Below grade parking occurs on sites where soils and water tables allow. Schematic Massing Design and images by Andy Thomson. 

This project ultimately led to the formalization of the PDR Zoning: https://www.betterbayarea.org/pdr_101 The PDR zoning has permitted many small businesses to flourish as live/work opportunities are encouraged rather than discouraged, and street-level activity fosters deep engagement and civic activity, bringing life back into formerly depressed light industrial and car-centred areas. This PDR Prototype was envisaged as one type of building to be planned for the 28 acre Southern Waterfront development known as the Pier 70 District, now entering construction: https://sf.curbed.com/2018/5/14/17351786/pier-70-ground-breaking-groundbreaking-opening-date-2018