2010.002 MEC Expansion

  • November 10, 2015
  • andyro

The Ottawa MEC was one such C2000 project – and as the Ottawa store had outgrown its 10-yr old premises, Linda Chapman was hired back to explore some expansion possibilities. She was open to porting all the work done to date over to ArchiCad BIM software, so that we would be well positioned to deliver renderings as well as full construction modelling services to the client – which seemed well received in our coordination meetings. Here are some images of the model we made based on Linda’s design, that were subsequently included in the site plan approval submission. It should be noted, that comprehensive as-built verification and coordination of legacy drawings took place to ensure that the MEC building was accurately modelled so that our planned addition would mate well with the existing hybrid of concrete, timber and steel construction – and that, wherever possible, intact elements (glazing, exterior cladding, etc.) could be reused.