2009.002 OHOME

  • April 11, 2014
  • andyro

The OHOME was designed to be easy to ship and build, and is characterized by broad overhangs on all roof edges and clean contemporary styling. Access to an optional green roof is also featured. The green helps with cooling in Summer months – and is ideally suited to temperate climates. Featuring 3 distinct models with 12′ ceilings, the OHOME offers generous, airy living spaces that are well suited for a wide range of climates.

Three variants, the WAVE (curved roof), CLASSIC (gable roof) and WING (mono pitch) offer three different building forms that use the same proprietary SIPFS (Structural Insulated Panel and Finish System) and detailing. These homes were the precursor to our modified Quonset projects; Extreme North Lodge and Solar Q.

Developed to provide energy efficient housing for a desert climate, the OHOME concept was a rapid-site-assembled approach to prefab, where wall and roof components were factory made and drop-shipped to site for assembly. Finishes are Kynar-coated steel panels with a Demilec Soy-based low-rise foam core. Panels were screwed together with exterior, colour matched spline joints. Integrated structural flashings and gutters serve to finish the detailing of the system, leading to substantial reductions in labour and increased housing affordability.