Embodied Carbon Calculator

Embodied Carbon Calculator

Use this calculator to determine a high level overview of impacts of building types on embodied carbon calculations, as compared with operational carbon and costs.

About this Calculator

The purpose of this (beta version 1.0) calculator is to provide our clients and colleagues with a means to:

  • Calculate a carbon budget based on a) size, b) build type, c) building stories and d) performance target.
  • Calculate a Carbon Budget relative to the project size, quality and performance target based on a 30yr. energy cost projection.
  • Aim at understanding the relationship between the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of a range of building types and massing, with the 30yr. energy energy, cost and carbon impacts.
  • Note: We have assumed default carbon impacts based on a review of precedent buildings, others may reach different conclusions. We will refine this as we gather additional data.
  • The numbers generated in this calculator reflect our own practice only, and experience based on recently completed projects.
  • Numbers generated here should not be taken as anything more than guidance from the perspective of one practicing architect in Ontario, Canada.
  • The uncertainty and lack of granular data around individual products means that aiming for a larger number based on a ‘Fermi’ estimate may ultimately be of more utility when a project is in the pre-design stage.
  • We are working on determining a more accurate coefficient to represent the square-cube law of taller structures, for now, we are using a placeholder of x1/2 where x = number of stories.

D. Disclaimer

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