City Scale Calculator

millions, billions, trillions

invest 3.5% to reach TGS Tier 4, save billions in energy costs and reduced CO2e in 10, 20, 30 years.

photo credit: Terence Tourangeau. Regent Park Block 14 by architectsAlliance w. Andy Thomson ~ sustainability lead.

About this Calculator

We asked, what if we scaled our building scale calculator up to the scale of cities where we could process millions of square feet and determine a cost savings over 30 years to justify the investment? The results are below. For a building that meets the Toronto Green Standard Tier 4, WSP has estimated a 3.5% capital cost premium over OBC minimum. Over 900 million square feet of built area, this translates to $49 billion in savings for a modest investment of $11 billion in capital costs (eco-premium of 3.5% at TEUI 100).

To look up Toronto Green Standard EUI and TEDI values, please refer to the attached:


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