C. Calculate Constructuction Budget and Architectural Fees

About this Calculator

The purpose of this (beta version 1.8) calculator is to provide our clients and colleagues with a means to:

  • Calculate a construction budget based on a) size, b) build quality, c) performance target,
  • Calculate Architectural Fees appropriate to the project size, quality and performance target based on a 30yr. energy cost projection.
  • Aim at understanding the relationship between the capital cost of performance premiums, with the 30yr. energy cost projections.
  • Not all architects will use the same hourly rates, sheet costs, or even construction costs.
  • The numbers generated in this calculator reflect our own practice only, and experience based on recently completed projects.
  • Numbers generated here should not be taken as anything more than guidance from the perspective of one practicing architect.

This is intended to provide a simplified estimate of the construction budget and Architectural fees only required for a generic project. Site conditions (ie. Urban, Rural, Sandy soils or Rock Sub-grade) and other considerations (ie. Roads, Well, Septic, Utility, Garages, Sheds, Fencing, Pools, Landscaping, Builder Profit, Permit Fees, Architectural Fees, Engineering Fees, Taxes, etc.) may have significant impacts on a project budget. The best way to determine the budget and fees required for your particular build will be to execute at the very least, a Schematic Design package, which we price at approx. $5/sf for projects over 2,500sf, or based on our hourly rates.

B. Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator Instructions

Take the value from the Gross Construction Cost, add any Architectural or other fees you wish to finance, subtract energy savings from Net Zero Design if selected and add the total into the starting value of the Mortgage Calculator

C. Sample of North American Construction Costs for Q2 of 2020

Don't take our word for it. Below is a table excerpted from Rider Levitt Bucknall's Quarterly Costing report for North America. Note that costs of construction in the GTA for Q2 of 2020 have escalated nearly 14%.

D. Disclaimer

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