Reinventing the Trailer Park

In 2009, Lisa Selin Davis wrote for, which the Guardian subsequently picked up – article here –  about my vision for a greener trailer park – which I see as the future of suburban development for a number of reasons; the footprint is lighter on the earth, there is no disruption of landforms, infrastructure is inexpensive, and the resulting end users are significantly more in-tune with their consumption of water, energy and gas resources because of the very nature of their quasi-off-grid connections.

Since then, not a whole heck of a lot has happened on the micro-green development front – and it’s not for any lack of effort on my part. In fact, economic calamity aside, I’ve had to assume that conditions aren’t yet perfect for the widespread public acceptance of the development model, discussed here also with Patrick Condon on CBC Radio’s Spark. I’ve now designed over 30 different eco-prefab homes and trailers, authored 2 development investment offerings, and still haven’t gained any significant traction from developers, visionary landowners or investors – interest yes – traction no.  It seems that  the stigma of the trailer park as low-class is a hurdle most people, including business partners of mine – just can’t seem to clear. For this reason alone, I’d like to share some images of successful (as in 5-star fractional resort successful) trailer park developments – see gallery below. Once it is understood that these parks can be beautiful AND light on the land, the rest of the numbers absolutely speak for themselves. If you happen to be such a developer, investor or landowner – drop me a line and I’d be happy to share my spreadsheets with you!

Calistoga Ranch, about 10 miles from where I’m living now:


As you can see – a trailer park doesn’t need to look anything like what the name implies. This is in fact what I have in mind when I speak of the renaissance of the trailer park, affordable, ecological, beautiful homes that are absolutely everything that you need to live comfortably – and NOTHING more!


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